New barra cast centre feed intake with rail

These aren’t just a copy of the standard intake but a complete redesign, starting with a 3d scan of the standard intake it was run through CFD tests to find its weakness then a new intake was drawn from scratch.

The plenum has been enlarged to allow for increased flow and even distribution to each cylinder. The flange has also been bulked up for strength and reliability sitting at 14mm thick standard for all CAW intakes. The runners have been redesigned with a more direct route with less bends and are also larger and tapered for increased velocity. The throttle body flange has been enlarged also to accept 74mm Bosch DBW throttle body and comes with an adaptor plate for use with ba and fg throttle bodies. Complete with billet -10 fuel rail available in black, red, silver and blue.

Comes with the following

1x Cast centre feed intake manifold

1x Intake gasket

1x Billet -10 fuel rail with fittings

1x Zinc plated bolt kit

1x Set of vac fittings

1x oringed throttle body adaptor

Additional information

Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 65 × 30 × 20 cm
Fuel Rail fittings

-10 jic feed, -6 jic feed, -8 jic feed