This is a pre-order for the new billet GR Yaris intakes.

Full billet alloy intake for the Yaris GR, these have been designed and flow simulated to provide the most flow possible with keeping the compact design of the standard intake. The plenum has been enlarged to help with even air distribution which puts the throttle body in a slightly different position. With the addition of extra injectors, these can be tuned to insane hp levels if need be, available with none, 3 or 6 injectors in the manifold and standard or 68mm bosch DBW throttle body flange. Fittings underneath for standard map sensor and vac lines.

Comes with the following,

1x Billet intake

1x Titanium stud kit

1x intake and throttle body seals


extra injectors

Bosch throttle body

*Will require modification to the cooler piping and fuel lines if using the extra injectors*

Pre-order will run for 8 weeks and intakes will be made and dispatched in around 10 weeks (20/6/2022)



Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 20 cm