3inch mandrel bent replacement cooler pipe for Isuzu nps300. Billet pressure sensor block with option for extra npt bung. Comes in 2 options, short which joins up to the standard rubber hose and long version that connects to the throttle body with supplied 90 deg silicone joiner. These are designed to bypass the chassis mount, the factory pipe is hard mounted at the intercooler end and the chassis bracket helps hold it, changing to a silicone joiner removes the need for a a hard connection and allows the cooler pipe to be isolated with 2 soft connections either end.

Comes with the following

1x 3inch alloy replacement pipe

1x silicone joiner

2x hose clamps

Optional extras

NPT bung

Extra long pipe with silicone joiner/clamps to connect to throttle body

*Designed to fit 08+ nps 250/300

Additional information

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