Barra turbo coolant hard line Diy kit, this kit is designed to replace the factory hard lines to neaten up the engine bay and also give more clearance for short runner intake manifolds.
Comes with the following,
Feed and Return kit                                                                                                                     Feed only kit
1x Billet thermostat housing                                                                                                     1x Billet thermostat housing
1x Hard line connection kit (thermostat housing to factory hardline)                           1x Hard line connection kit (thermostat housing to factory hardline)
1x an6 feed hard line                                                                                                                   1x an6 feed hard line
4x an6 female to hard line adaptors                                                                                       2x an6 female to hard line adaptors
2x an6 90deg fitting                                                                                                                    1x an6 90deg fitting
1x an6 return hard line
1x Clamp on hard line -6 fitting (waterpump side)
Optional tool kit with bender, cutter and straightener
The factory hard line on the thermostat side needs to be cut and the new compression fitting with an10 outlet installed then the hard line can be connected back up to the new billet thermostat housing on the bottom.  If installing both lines the water pump side hard line needs the clamp on fitting installed with a hole drilled in the hard line for the coolant return. The new hard line is run from the front of the thermostat housing to the turbo and from the turbo to the new clamp on fitting on the water pump hardline.

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 15 cm